BRIDGE (GEFYRA) Program for the State Subsidy of Instalments for Borrower’s affected by COVID-19

TC Ziraat Bankasi AS Athens Central Branch, informs its customers that its participation in the new BRIDGE (GEFYRA) program of the General Secretariat of Private Debt which replaces the protection program of the primary residence, from August 3rd , 2020 to September 30th , 2020. This program includes natural persons who either themselves, whether spouse or dependent member, have been proven to be affected by the pandemic and have joined the Covid-19 measures. In short, the GEFYRA program can be joined by

  • Private sector employees who received financial support or their income was reduced due to COVID
  • Freelancers and sole proprietors with KAD who have been affected by COVID-19 as provided by the relevant decisions of the tax administration
  • Partners of personal or private capital companies whose operation has been suspended and / or have received financial support
  • Unemployed long-term or not, to whom financial support has been provided
  • Beneficiaries who received support in the form of a repayable advance
  • Natural persons who are part of the "SYN-ERGASIA" mechanism
  • Property owners who received reduced rent due to the pandemic

For the participation of a borrower in the BRIDGE program, the following criteria must also be met: 

    1.    the applicant or his / her spouse or dependent member has been affected by the effects of Covid

    2.    The applicant has a real right of full or partial ownership or usufruct to a property, which is his main residence and is located in Greece.

    3.    Not to have been subject to Law 4605/2019 for the Protection of primary residence or to debt settlement with Law 3588/2007 or other legislative regulation.

    4.    There is no guarantee from the Greek State or other active state aid for the loan.

    5.    The family income of the natural debtor, during the last year for which it is possible to submit a tax return, as well as the objective value of his property not to exceed the following ceilings as provided by law and we have standardized them below by category of delay:

Asset Value and Income Ceilings State Subsidy Ceilings
Delay Category / Criteria Primary Residence Value
Total Assets Value Total Value of Transportation Means
Family Income  Value of Bank Deposits 
Unpaid Capital
State Subsidy of the 1st Trimester 
State Subsidy of the 2nd  Trimester  State Subsidy of the 3rd Trimester  Maximum State Subsidy 
Performing Loans with delay < 90 days  at 29.02.2020
600 €
Non-Performing Loans with delay over 90 days on the 29.02.2020
500 €
Non-Performing Loans that  were terminated by the Bank
300 €

The State subsidy is valid for 9 months. The application for membership in the program is done electronically with TAXISnet codes through a special platform on the program page until 30.09.2020. According to the legislation, the borrower can use an independent consultant for the preparation of the application which must be included in the application, declare its details on the platform and the consultant if he makes the final submission of the application, in accordance with the provisions of this article, is entitled to a fee of two hundred and fifty (250) euros per financial institution, in which there are eligible debts to be contributed, including VAT.

For more details you can contact the executives of our Bank branches, read the relevant material on our website or go to the EGDIX website with the useful material and frequently asked questions at the link