COVID-19: Protection of cheques


Important announcement to our customers about the protection of business cheques and the transfer of data regarding the suspension of deadlines, occurrence and payment by 75 days

Dear customers,

In the context of the implementation of the Legislative Content Act of 30/3/2020, we inform you that for those of you whose Tax Identification Number falls under the Code of Activity (KAD) of the affected companies, you have the capability to suspend payment of the checks you wish as long as you send us your written declaration detailing the checks that will be exempted in accordance with this Act.

For any relevant clarification you can also contact your local branch by any means necessary. Please find below all relevant contact details: 

 Tel. No
210 3223038   
210 3221796  
25310 85930
25310 85927
25410 69420 
25410 66641 

We remain at your disposal for any further clarifications